About Us

Experience and Integrity Matter

Throughout the building and remodeling process, HNI Services professionally manages the unique aspects of your individual project to produce an exceptional end result.

HNI Services utilizes a personalized approach to every homeowner's dream. With more than a quarter century of experience, HNI Services' Owner and President Terry Grier contends that every building and remodeling project is unique. "Each project presents a different design, scope of work, plan of attack, and there are always different conditions and parameters."

Terry's strong passion for the challenge of creating, building and remodeling homes drives him to exceed the highest expectations of every customer. His intensity and vision for each project, paralleled with his company's commitment to excellence, quality, value and customer service, makes HNI Services highly sought after in Southeast Houston.

"Experience and integrity are driving principals behind HNI's work, and we seek to give each and every customer the experience and the end-result they deserve."

HNI Services manages every detail of your building project from conception to completion, with a concentration on keeping the client educated and informed. The focus for HNI Services is on the details and quality craftsmanship needed to give each project the appearance of being seamless. Terry explains, "I have an eye for detail, which is needed from an architectural standpoint, as well as a quality standpoint."

HNI's commitment to creating results that surpass expectations serve the company well, with a high percentage of referrals and repeat customers. Click here to read why your neighbors trust their homes to HNI Services.

Our Mission

HNI Services' mission is to provide professional, personalized construction management services to our customers, whether remodeling or new construction. HNI Services will satisfy our customers' wants and desires by listening, educating, informing and communicating honestly with all those involved in each project, with the ultimate goal being the complete satisfaction of our customer.